Saturday, November 25, 2017

Christmas Cookies: Spiced cutouts

I remember my mother making this cookie but she didn't bake it.  She would cut them out and then cooked them on the pancake griddle.

Spice Cutout Cookies iced

This recipe was lost because my mother never shared the actual recipe for Spiced Christmas Cookies.

cutting out the cookies

Years later when I was raising a second family, I found a recipe that sounded interesting.  I baked it an to my surprise it was the same tasting cookie as my mother.  I made them plain that year with no icing and tested my memory on my brother by having him try the cookie.  Afterwards I asked him if he remembered Mom making those.

Spice Christmas Cookies with simple icing

This cookie is so festive and similar in taste to a Pfeffernusse and I love making them now with different types of icing.

Decorative Spiced Cutout

Happy baking.

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