Friday, April 27, 2012

Ivy Geraniums For My Porch Planters

Went shopping yesterday for supper. Came home with dog and cat food but no people food. On the way home I stopped at a local farm store and looked at the plants.

Last year, I could not get near their parking lot so I went early this year between rush hours. My budget is strained this year so I didn't spend the $13 per plant that I did last year for my porch planters and my hanging baskets.

This year I bought 6 plants again and I did the ivy geraniums but I bought the smaller 4" pots for a total expenditure of $21. 

I put a red and white plant in the two front porch planters and 1 white plant in each of the hanging baskets off my deck. I'm saving my biggest expenditure to buy a bougainvillea for the back yard with a trellis.

The biggest problem I had planting these was getting the roots from last year out of the planters.  Even though I pulled the biggest part of them out, I was having a difficult time turning the soil in the planters.  I lost a good part of my soil and I invested in good potting soil to start my plants.

For those in the area, Patty's Farm Store has a wonderful variety of flowers to choose from.  Just be aware as we get closer to Mother's Day you will have trouble finding a place to park if you want to browse.