Thursday, May 24, 2018

Old Fashioned Penny Candy and Fudge

In years gone by, I remember penny candy that we would buy from the corner store.  Don Kahn, our local grocery store owner, and many like him across the country had glass cases just lined with these delightful candies that sometimes sold two for a penny.  After Don came Ruth's Store and she was known to shut down the candy sales during the dinner hour so that the children would not ruin their supper.

I have searched the Internet but cannot find a picture of one of my favorites which was the tiny pie tin that had chocolate fudge in it with a tiny tin spoon to eat it.  The poster I borrowed from another blog has the closest picture I could find.  They sold for a penny each and they came in chocolate or vanilla fudge.  The link is to Old Fashioned Fudge Recipes.

Of course, everyone remembers the licorice whips which you can still buy in the candy section in bags sold as Strings.

Along the same line, was the red jelly candy coins.  These were normally cherry flavored.

During holiday seasons, you might find some of these treasures in the candy case.  They were chocolate medallions covered with gold foil.
When I had more than a few pennies to spend I would buy the candy balls that would change colors as you sucked on them.  In and out of your mouth you would pop them to see what color they had turned into.  Then there were the fireballs that were red hot as you sucked away at the sweetness.

I remember those waxy little bottles that were filled with just a drop or two of sugary flavored syrup that we called soda pops.

Tootsie Rolls and Daisies

Who could forget the Tootsie Pops that are still popular today

Tootsie Rolls that come in various sizes and bags of the bits in your local candy aisles.

In this selection you have your Mary Jane that were peanut butter flavored and a Bit-O-Honey another hard candy.  Banana Flips were popular too.

Fruit slices were not among my favorites but you could buy them in various flavors.  The most popular being the orange slices.  You can still buy these by the bagful at the grocery store.

The day of the penny candy is gone but not from my memory.  Candy has become a big business and most of these candies are still sold in various containers and sizes of bags.