Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Halloween Candy Deals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It's time to start deciding on what to give the little monsters, cowboys, robots, etc.  All those costumes are available at the Malls, in the super stores such as Walmart, K Mart, Target, TJMax.  That fuel for another posting but today we are going to talk about what to give the children that show up at your door on Halloween expecting a Treat and promising to not trick you.

At Walmart I found a super deal with 350 pieces of Hershey candy for $24.01.  This breaks down to about a nickle per piece of candy.

If you are looking for a smaller amount of candy bars, they also have 95 pieces of Hershey Candy in a smaller variety for $9.94.  This breaks down to around a dime per candy bar.

At KMart they have similar packages which range in price from $9.99 for 100 pieces of Hershey candy.

to 240 pieces of candy for $14.99.  This breaks down to be an average of a dime per candy for either deal.

Now Target is running the same candy bars in a variety of Wrigley's candies to the bag for 130 pieces at $7.99.

I don't think you can get your candy for much less than that.

I sometimes give out potato chips that I buy in a case of 42 bags.  This year the price varies from $5.62 at a local restaurant supplier to $6.36 at Sam's Club.  In years past I have purchased this case for $5.00 from our neighborhood Cogo's  but this year they don't have the cases and are selling Halloween prepared packages with less bag in them.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October And My Most Important Decision For Halloween

It's a day of mixed emotions today.  I have some decisions to make.  What do I want to give this year to the Trick or Treaters is my main thought right now.  In years past, I have baked and made peanut butter cookies and brownies for the rug rats.  The older children were given candy bars.

When my children were old enough to trick or treat on their own with me following behind at a safe distance, one of them received a tampered candy bar.  Luckily it was me who opened and started to eat it while I was talking to a neighbor.  As soon as I placed it in my mouth, I got a burning sensation and the worst taste I have ever had.  I spit it back out and then examined the bar.  It was covered with white granules.  I picked the wrapper out of the trash and found it full of more granules.  I took it to the police and when it had been examined I was told it was saccharin.  I don't believe that because not only did it burn my tongue it left me with no taste buds on that portion of my tongue for quite some time.

I can fully understand why people reject home-made treats now but it is a shame.  In my time to trick or treat it was considered special to be invited in for gingerbread or to be given home-made candy apples.  As we became old enough to trick or treat on our own, we would go to those homes first so that we would not lose out on the special treats these people took the time to make.

Even though I don't bake any more for Halloween, have become known as the cookie lady because for quite a few years I would buy the Little Debbie Filled Oatmeal Cookies as treats.  At the time, I could buy 100 cookies for about $10.  I like being able to give out treats that are good for even the smallest children.   People now bring infants with bags which I think is pushing it if they don't have older children, but I give them treats the same as the toddlers whom I particularly like to watch going up and down the street. 

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year.  Maybe that is because from the time I was able to remember my Dad made it fun for my brother and I.  It was my Dad's birthday and we would have a special dinner and cake before we were dressed up in homemade costumes out of my Mother's stage trunk and taken out to trick or treat.
Ball gown similar to one my Mom altered for me.

The evening always ended at the Town Hall for a parade to the High School where we were treated to a cartoon movie and a big bag of treats from our volunteer fire department.  On the walk back home from the high school, we would bend the rules and trick or treat at the homes on the four blocks all the way home.

I guess I will make the rounds today to do some comparison shopping and to see what is available at Sams Club and the local supermarkets to help my decision for the end of the month.  In the coming weeks I'll share my findings with my friends on here.