Monday, June 30, 2014

Cruel Winter and Loss of Plants and Trees

Last Winter was particularly cruel to the plants and trees in my area.  We had a profusion of growth in the past few years on my neighbor's fig Tree.

This year, the spring has past and we are in full summer heat and the stalks of this tree stand barren.

According to peaches were entirely wiped out in Indiana.  Grapes suffered heavy damage from the cold and even some apples suffered some damage. 

In my garden I had planted 5 rose bushes which were particularly beautiful with a profusion of long-stem roses.  The colors were intense and golden on my favorite bush.

I pruned them in late fall as I always do but this summer there was no tell tale signs of rejuvenating life around the base of the bush.  I also lost one of my remaining two white blush bushes that provided the most flower in years past.

The buds and flowers were such a beautiful white with pink tinges to the petals.

I have one white with pink blush bush left but it has only produced one rose so far this year.  I have learned my lesson and I will wait until early spring to do my pruning in coming years.

To the contrary, the flowers in my front surround garden grew in profusion this year and I came home from vacation to a wonderfully beautiful array of lilies. along with the planter that I filled this spring.

The wild flower came back in profusion and now hide the stumps of what were my beautiful roses.