Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Special Occasion Cheesecake - Wedding Day

Anyone who loves cheesecake will get into the swing of things by making some one's Valentine's Day a memorable one.  You Can also use this for wedding showers and wedding tables.

There are so many recipes for good cheesecake that it is hard to pick one.  I have one but due to a family tradition, my daughter has banned me from sharing it. So needless to say, I have to rely on other good recipes for this edition of my blog.

Individual Heart Molded Cheesecakes
Let's start out with perhaps the simplest of cheesecakes and make them individually in a a mold such as the ones made by  The link takes you to the recipe for making this delicious cheesecake individually for your family and friends.

Heart Shape Cheesecake
Next on our list of cheesecakes is one that is just that a cheesecake made in a heart shaped cake mold and not decorated  With this cheesecake you have the best of all worlds in that you can use the recipe above and leave it up to the individual to use the topping of their choice while enjoying the cheesecake flavor.

Since I can't use my own recipe, I'm suggesting that you use the recipe of the one that I linked you to for the rest of these Valentine's Day offerings.

Cherry Cheesecake

The first is my personal favorite.  It is a cheesecake decorated with cherry pie filling and whipped cream topping.
Strawberry Cheesecake
A good portion of the people prefer strawberry topping with their cheesecake.

Blueberry Mini Cheesecake
Others are partial to blueberries.

My final suggestion takes a little more decorating ability and is made with raspberry jam swirled on top of the cheesecake.

Whether you top these off with whipped cream or not is totally an individual preference.  I vote for with whipped cream.

Try these for that special someone in your life in their favorite flavor.

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