Friday, November 24, 2017

Christmas Baking For Me is Black Friday Without Shopping

Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't do the shopping thing on the day after Thanksgiving but I prefer to shop leisurely and not be pushed and prodded because someone else wants that one item that is left on the retailers cut-price list.  Instead, I have bought my ingredients for Christmas Cookies and I'll begin making some of those today.

On today's list are the ever popular chocolate chip.  This one can be made from scratch or just cheat and drop the premade dough onto a cookie sheet.

and maybe some of the peanut Blossom cookies. These you can cheat and mix up a batch of peanut butter dough from the package and then add the candy kiss to them as they come out of the oven.

Both are easy to mix and bake.

The No bake Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie is so easy to make that it's almost sinful to call making them baking.  This is another one that you can start the holiday with and keep making it between other batches to keep those stealthy fingers of your children or grandchildren satisfied before the actual holiday arrives.

The point is I don't believe in taking the meaning out of the holiday by dangling prizes in front of the world in unheard of price slashing.  It makes you wonder what the actual cut off price is for that "I can't live without it" item you have left your home and family to run after.

Maybe I'm just old school but this is just something that I have refused to become a part of.  The younger members of my family do go merrily off to seek their prizes and that is their right to which I will not hold against them.  They have families and perhaps that is the means by which they can afford to show their children a happy holiday to come.

But, as for me I'll be at home baking my little heart out.  Besides I need a couple of dozen cookies to share with the Veteran's at their Christmas Luncheon  at the Oakmont Elks.  So whatever you choose to do with Black Friday, I wish you and yours a wonderful day while I get out the flour and sugar.

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  1. I messed up on my very first batch this year. I added too much sour cream and had to increase the flour and baking time. GRRRRRR!