Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas Cookies - Oatmeal Date or Fig Bars

This little bit of taste treat is another wonderful addition to the wedding cookie table even though I normally only make it for Christmas.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a batch of my Mom's Oatmeal Date Bars.  These cookies are so easy to make but they don't make a lot of cookies.  The recipe I have makes a 9" square pan of cookies.

There is no reason you can't substitute figs for the dates.  Imagine that!  A substitute for Fig Newtons.  This has always been one of my favorite store-bought cookies.  I could eat a whole tin of Fig Newtons in a sitting.

My love of dates has long been my downfall when it comes to baking cookies.  When I was a child, I raided the dates from the pantry shelf every year.  It's interesting that I tried to get dates earlier in the year but they didn't have them on the shelf at the supermarket.  They had prunes and cranberries but not dates.  This is interesting because I love dates so much. 

If you need a larger amount of cookies for your wedding needs, my suggestion would be to double the recipe if you need a larger amount of cookies.  This would easily make a 13" x 9" pan and give you enough cookies to add to your holiday trays.

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