Monday, November 27, 2017

Christmas Cookies: Pizzelles

Pizzelles are not just a Christmas Cookie.  They can be made all year round but are very popular on the wedding cookie table.  They can be made in bulk and can be colored to match the wedding colors.  I prefer the smaller pizzelle iron to make the cookies consistent in size with the other wedding cookies.

The very first cookie that I usually make for Christmas is Pizzelles to start my assortment of cookies.  I make these first because they stay fresh and crispy the longest.  It's not too soon to start those holiday cookies if you start by making several batches of pizzelles and making them in different flavors.

Once I misplaced my container of Pizzelles I made for Christmas and couldn't find it on Christmas Eve for our Feast of the Seven Fishes.  When I found the container seven months later the cookies were just as good as the day I packed them into the large Tupperware Container. which is airtight.  I always wrap a dozen pizzelles in aluminum foil before placing them in the container.

Anise Pizzelles
My daughter-in-law likes the traditional anise pizzelles

Chocolate Pizzelles
and my daughter prefers chocolate pizzelles.

I usually make both kinds the very first week that I start making cookies for Christmas or any occasion.  Of course, the first question I would get is, "Where's mine?"  So I make a sampling, just four of each for my two pizzelle lovers.

four cookie pizzelle iron
Before my husband passed on, he bought me a new pizzelle iron which makes four pizzelles at a time and the size of the cookie is smaller than regular pizzelles.  The size of the cookies is actually perfect to fit on a cookie tray with other cookies.  This iron is Teflon coated and doesn't need to be basted before using it.  There is enough oil in the cookie dough to prevent sticking.

A year ago, I taught my granddaughter how to make pizzelles and gave her my 4 pizzelle iron.  she made them for her brother's wedding that year.  When I gave her the iron, I told her it was now her job to make the pizzelles for family affairs.

two cookie pizzelle iron
I gave Nunny's original pizzelle iron to my son-in-law who makes pizzelles and sends me a dozen cookies every Christmas.  This one needed to be preheated with cooking oil so that the cookies didn't stick to the pan.  I normally used Pam and only needed to spray it once when it was warming up.

single cookie pizzelle iron for open flames
Over the years these cookies has taken on a whole new way of making them.  When I was younger, I remember my neighbor making them every Christmas with a single cookie iron over the fire on the stove.  This took time and patience.  You can still buy those but being a person who enjoys convenience, I prefer my four cookie iron.

Pizzelles made into bowls and canoli tubes

Another fun way to use pizzelles is to roll them into canoli tubes or use them for miniature ice cream sandwiches.  Some make little bowls out of them that can be filled with seasonal desserts.  In order to accomplish this you need to form them as soon as they come off the iron so that they maintain the shape you desire.

So whatever your pleasure, give this cookie a try.  If you like making your own waffles you will enjoy having these come out perfect for you.  As Nunny used to say, "Try it -- You'll like it."

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