Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas Cookies - Ricotta Cheese Cookies

Even though these are first on my love of cookies for Christmas, they make a wonderful Wedding Cookie as well.  The consistency is great and they can be dressed up with almonds, nuts, sprinkles or candied sugar in the colors of the wedding party dresses on the icing.

I first tasted these Ricotta Cookies when I was visiting my oldest stepdaughter, Lisa, a few years ago for Christmas.  Today's blog is a tribute to Lisa.   Lisa was another Nunny in the making because she loved to cook and bake.  She got her love of baking from her grandmother and was forever trying new recipes such as this one.  Her mother was also a very good baker and cook so Lisa was double blessed in the kitchen area.

Ricotta Cookies with colored sugar for Christmas
Of course, I had to have the recipe and I've made them ever since.  They have a softer consistency than the Knot Cookies.  They tend to melt in your mouth with that ever so popular cheese flavoring.

Cookies fresh from oven cooling on wire rack

I've been making these cookies now for about five years and they get better with every attempt.  It is important to let the cookies set and cool completely because they are very soft and my recipe calls for dipping the cookie in the thin icing.

Mixing the Thin icing.

Once they are dipped in the icing let the excess drip off.

Ricotta Cookie with Chocolate Icing

Then you can either dip them into a a bowl of colored sugar, sprinkle the sugar or

iced with sliced almonds
decorate with sliced almonds or

iced with candied cherries

cut pieces of candied cherries on them.

Ricotta Cookie garnished with Strawberry Slices

These cookies can be used as a dessert by adding cut strawberries onto the icing.

Lisa has joined Nunny and her Dad.  All three loved to bake but these cookies have joined the list of my favorites for Christmas.  They are a Wedding Cookie favorite as well.  As Nunny used to say, "Try them -- you'll like them."

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