Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Halloween Costume Search

A few years ago when I had a halloween party to attend at work, I had to go to the shopping center for something else so I took the time to shop the local Party City store.  Man oh Man!  These people know how to put on a Halloween display.  There was everything there from skeletons to big cooking pots for candy.  The netting for doing spiderwebs was in abundance.

decorations at Party City Stores
The thing that bowled me over the most was all of the costumes and costume pieces that were displayed on two walls.  You don't just go in there and mull over what you want to be.  There are employees walking up and down the aisle giving advice and pointing you in the right direction.

online store costume ad
The costume I had planned to buy that I had seen at the online store was affordable with my senior citizen status and I hobbled up and down looking.  Not seeing it, I finally asked a young man if he knew where to find the queen costume from Snow White.  He informed me that he didn't recall seeing that one but that he mostly worked in mens' costumes and grabbed a nice young lady to help.  She also didn't think they had that costume but she grabbed another young lady to confirm that.  In the end they asked a customer service manager in that department.  This nice young lady told me they didn't have that one but I could get it online.

I already knew that but I was hoping to avoid the shipping costs.  Yes shipping is free if you spend $50 or more on your costume.  The shipping code is PC34NU just in case any of you want to get your costumes from Party City.

On my long trek out of the store (I don't lie when I say you can find Halloween from front to back of the store), I found a toga that would be the start of a nice costume and some wigs that are listed as Egyptian Queen wigs.  I found outside lights, inside lights, beware signs, monster figures and other scary items to be used on your porch.  What I didn't see but I'm sure they have was candy.

So to make a long story short, I didn't get my costume last night.  I just finished ordering it online and I will wait the 5-6 business days for it to arrive.  I'm still not sure if it will fit me, but I was assured by that nice customer service lady that I could return it to their store if it didn't fit.  Guess what!  If it doesn't fit they will then have just 1 in stock.  Ha!  Ha!

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