Sunday, January 7, 2018

Weather Change and Skeletal Pain

How quickly the earth can spin and send us in different weather patterns.  It's not the weather that bothers me so much as the dampness and chills when it rains.

In the last couple of months we have gone from warm 70 degree days to overnight lows of 50's and lower.   Even with a new furnace and setting the temps around 70 for heat and 72 for air the living room seems to be in a constant chill.  That could be because I don't get any direct sunlight into that room and there are no windows on the afternoon sun side.

But for the most part it is the damp weather brought on by rain or snow that gets to me and my bones.

This year we went from 50 degree weather to wind chills below zero.  The only solution I have for that is to stay in and bundle up.  When I do have to venture out I wear 3 layers and cover my nose because I now have COPD and need to protect my breathing.

The main reason for writing this blog is because my bones are feeling the dampness and the chill.  I have had to resort to medical treatment twice.   I don't deal with cold very well.  So far I'm still only using Tylenol extra strength but I'm taking 4 doses a day during the bouts of pain that creep into my joints and bones.

Doc doesn't think it's arthritis because of where the pains are and where they radiate but I'm the one feeling them and I know it's in the joints and bones.  I do have a bone spur on my shoulder though.  I've become my mother and resorted to using Icy/Hot patches on my back and arm.

Twice I've taken an inflammation prescription but that doesn't help unless I continue to take my Tylenol at the same time.

I firmly believe that it is the dampness in the air that affects everyone who has any joint or skeletal ailment.  I don't have the solution for the pain but I know when it occurs.  So in this freezing weather -- stay safe -- stay warm.

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