Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Cardinals Came to Visit

In the middle of last Winter season and I was having some issues at home that made me weary of the weather and the world in general.  I have heard it said that when you see a cardinal it is a visit from a loved one who has passed over.

Over the past 15 years my husband, youngest son and oldest step-daughter have all passed.  In December, my oldest son was struck down with a serious medical condition that made me anxious that he would also leave me.

I had two visitors.

A brilliantly-colored male cardinal was at my bird feeder and just sat there watching me.  A kind of peaceful feeling came over me as I gazed at him letting the knowledge that I had been visited by a loved one.

Male cardinal on solar light near my feeders

While I was watching. my eyes caught a movement on my porch which was darkened by the awnings being down.

There on my railing a female cardinal was trying to get from inside my deck to the feeders.  She finally found the way out and flew down to the ground below my main birdfeeder.

Female visitor on fence across the alley
When I looked out my side window, I saw her in my second bird feeder.

I had a strangely peaceful feeling for the rest of the day after receiving visits from my loved ones to let me know everything will be okay.

In March, my fears were realized and my oldest son left on his journey to join his brother and stepsister.  That left me with several challenges because his illness didn't leave him time to clean up his earthly responsibilities.  Since Easter there have been three cardinals visiting on a regular basis and this week we finally sold my son's trailer that was sitting in my yard as a reminder of his unaccomplished dreams.

The three cardinals have all been regular visitors with the addition newest of the male birds which I know because it's wings are darker than the other male's wings.  He comes to the feeder, cocks his head back and forth and watches me sitting in my chair on the deck as he eats the seeds I've put out for my feathered friends.

All was well again and I looked forward each day to them visiting me one by one at the feeders.  Now that the weather is changing I have not seen my cardinals and I'm hoping that the neighbor's cat hasn't deterred them from visiting.  Hopefully they are getting ready for winter and I will see them again in the spring.

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