Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Spring In Pittsburgh Is Finally Here

After so much back and forth with rains and warmer days, we are finally feeling the effects of Spring here in the Pittsburgh area.  We will be having rain off and on all week, but the temperatures are predicted to be pleasany.

Budding Forsythia Bushes

I need to walk more and I truly miss my Tipper who I would walk when the weather changed.  Yesterday as I was walking I stopped to talk with some neighbors who have forsythia bushes along their fence.  They are just starting to bud this year.  In years past, they have been in full bloom along with the daffadils.

Dogwood 2014
Last year on my walk I spotted the neighbor's Dogwood Tree and it's blooms.  They are not as full as previous years but they were definitely starting to show their white blooms.

Dogwood Spring 2013
In 2014 at this time the Dogwood Trees were just full of blooms.  As I've stated before, what a difference a year makes in the growing patterns of the flowers.

Purple Azalea
Even though the dogwood isn't as full, the Azalea Bush is in full bloom and showing beautiful colors.  I'm thinking of putting an Azalea behind my Madonna.

Tulips for the Madonna

The Madonna across the alley from me has some spring blooms cropping up just in time for the Month of Mary in May.

Tulips under the Rhododendrongs

The tulips are starting to bloom very nicely and this group of bulbs flowered just below the Rhododendrons that I featured last year.  This year the buds are just starting to get big enough and should be open soon.

Blossoming Tree

I'm not sure what this tree is in one of my neighbor's yards, but the blossoms remind me of crab apple.  I'll have to ask my neighbor what kind of tree this is but it is in full bloom.  What surprised me was that there was a bird in it singing but it never flew away.  The birds are getting used to my comings and goings and don't flit away as much when I go in and out of my kitchen.

So spring has sprung, the grass has risen and I know where the birdie is.  In the tree waiting for the blossoms to turn into fruit.

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