Friday, February 23, 2018

Another Friday In Lent - What's For Dinner

In our house today, I'm planning to make a favorite that my youngest step-daughter loved.  We are having pastaneggi.

This is a recipe that is so simple it only takes the time to boil the spaghetti and add some scrambled eggs along with your desired seasonings.

Another fun dish would be Tuna Salad and pierogies.  I make my tuna salad the way my Dad did at his luncheonette.  Tuna drained of the oil or in my case, water, chopped celery and Miracle Whip (salad dressing).  This is one dish I don't use mayonnaise.  My neighbor always put a small bit of chopped onion to spice it up and I sometimes do also.  My mother liked everything sweet so she added pickle relish to her tuna salad and egg salads.  I've never liked it with pickle relish or chopped eggs.

The pierogies I put in boiling water until they rise to the top while I am melting a stick of margarine with onions sliced the length of the onion into little crescents.  I saute the onions and margarine until the onions are transparent.  Then I put the drained pierogies into a chafing dish and cover them with the margarine and onion mixture.  I put these into a low oven until I'm ready to serve them.  Some people prefer to pan fry the pirogi so that they get browned but I prefer mine soft.  We are using a frozen pierogi from the supermarket.  I prefer the potato and cheese variety but you can get sauerkraut.

If you want to avoid the fuss and mess and you don't have a fish fry to attend, I suggest you try some of the delights at Labriola's Italian Markets.  There are several in the Pittsburgh area.  They make wonderful fried fish.  In the past they only made one batch of fish and you had to be early to get some, but now they make it all day long and you can normally get what you want into the afternoon hours.

There are several Fish Fries that I know of in the northern area of Pittsburgh.  St. Scholatica Church in Aspinwall only does one during Lent.  Pittsburgh Moose 46 on Saxonburg Boulevard has one every Friday in Lent.

Oakmont Elks has a wonderful Fish Fry but they now serve between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.  If you know of some good fish fries, please comment their location and maybe we will try those next week.  There are some great side such as halushki, stewed tomatoes or macaroni and cheese.

As I promised I did my homework and surfed the Internet for some great Lenten Menus.  The first dish I want to talk about is a Seafood Lasagna that take 30 minutes to prepare and another hour and a half to bake.  It sounds scrumptious but if there are some ingredients in the seafood you don't like feel free to just eliminate them.  This recipe comes from

The second dish I want to talk about is an Imitation Crab Seafood Salad.  This recipe only takes 10 minutes to make.  Not only is it easy to make it sounds delicious.  This recipe comes from

I hope you find some good hints here today and as always come back tomorrow to see what we have for you to try.  Since it is Lent the sales at the supermarket are all wrapped around meatless dinners.  Perhaps we want to make a simple chicken breast and broccoli casserole for dinner.

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