Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Christmas Cookies - Italian Love Knots

This simple cookie doesn't take a lot of ingredients but the consistency of the dough is essential to making good Italian Love Knots.

Italian Love Knots with Icing and Sprinkles
This cookie was a favorite of my Italian husband and his mother made these year round.  Although the cookie calls for a glaze icing, my husband preferred them without any icing.  After his mother passed, and the children were teenagers, he would hold cookie making sessions and we all got involved in making these cookies.

Love Knots fresh from the oven.
We all love them and when we lived in Aspinwall, we were spoiled because we could walk around the corner to Labriola's Italian Store and buy a bag of these in the back of the store.  They had that homemade taste and you almost couldn't tell that they were bought in a store.

Italian Love Knotts from Labriola's
I am not really good at making Love Knots, but my daughter became an expert and knew exactly when the consistency was right.  She gets the job of making these for any family function.  Since I'm not good at these, I called her last week and told her she was in charge of these again this year.

Love Knots ready for the oven
As much as I used to bake at Christmas time, this daughter and her husband make dozen after dozen of cookies and my only request for a Christmas present is to have them give me a tin of their cookies.

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