Friday, April 20, 2018

A Walk Through Nature's Splendor

I miss my morning walks with Tipper since she went to doggie heaven a few years ago. I was trying to get her back into form so to speak.  She had gained so much weight over the winter months that she waddled and had problems getting up on the sofa.  It broke my heart to see her pleading look at me from her new bed next to mine because I could no longer lift her to sleep with me.  That was not the whole meaning of my walks though.  I too had gained those extra pounds that needed to come off.  The whole meaning of my walks with her would be lost though when I saw what nature was blooming all around me.
Hiroshima Cherry Tree 2016
This spring I was so awed by the beauty of the Hiroshima Cherry Tree that we had planted at the American Legion in Aspinwall in honor of my son who had died while serving in the Navy.  The snow white flowers bloomed and soon there will be cherries on it to feed the birds.  Last year the tree was pruned and I was thankful to see the blooms opened up last week as I passed the Legion.

New growth on the rose bushes

In my own rock garden my rosebushes are sprouting new foliage for this year's growth.  It wont be long before the stocks get tall since these are long stemmed rose bushes.  As the buds start to show I will await my summer roses which give me so much pleasure.  Unfortunately, the bushes have turned into wild roses now because of a harsh winter two years ago.  I no longer get my golden or pink blush roses.  They are now red and flat looking but I still love roses.

As I would round the corner with Tipper, this awesome display of white and purple blossoms strikes me with it's beauty.  These two dogwood trees were planted years ago by the current owner's grandfather and it was so nice talking with him and watching the respect on his face as he talked about his grandfather.

Dogwood in neighborhood

These traditional spring flowers have a whole legend about them that is so significant of this time of year and the whole Easter season.

Nestled below the white beauty is this gorgeous Azalea Bush with all of it's regal splendor.  This one has such beautiful lavender and pinkish purple buds.

My yard is again alive with Violets growing among the grassy edges.  To my wonder their beauty still surrounds me in my neighbors garden among the lily of the valley.

As I continue along my walk I am reminded of why we are on this earth and what beauty God has given us for our enjoyment.  There is a suggestion that my day lilies may be coming up.  We will see if they bloom this year.

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