Monday, March 19, 2018

Special Treats for Easter

I know my stepchildren had a tradition that my husband started when they were quite small.  We had a fabulous donut shop something like Dunkin Donuts that made special Easter donuts.  These would be donuts decorated to look like Easter baskets with jelly beans or some other treats on them.  They had a decorator who individually decorated the donuts to look like Easter grass and some even had spring flowers on them made from decorator icing.  As I recall, some were even decorated on sticks to make them look like lollipops.

I found a website that features Easter Bunnies made out of little packages of donuts that are easy to make and something that will create a memory.

I know that it was always fun to find special cookies in our baskets that were cutouts that were decorated with cookie icing.

This year I saw a demonstration how to make Rice Krispie Treats into the shape of Easter baskets or nests.  These are hollowed out to allow you to add some jelly beans into the center of the treat.  You could even put some foil eggs into them if they are large enough.

I guess what I'm saying here is that it doesn't have to be all chocolates and jelly beans that go into making your Easter fun.  You can make it special just by adding something out of the ordinary.  Like my motto says, "It only takes imagination -- yours of mine!"  Happy hunting or baking for those special Easter Treats.

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