Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Pork For Dinner (The Other White Meat)

From the time I was a small child, I have had an aversion to beef and chicken.  My favorite dinner was roast pork.  When I was working in the strip district Nevros Restaurant served a fresh ham dinner every Wednesday and I ate lunch there ritualistically.  Fresh ham is the whitest and sweetest meat on the pig as far as I'm concerned.
Fresh Ham and Stuffing Dinner
I was never partial to stuffed pork chops but Nevros always served stuffing with their Wednesday lunch special.  If you like them stuffed pork chops are a great way to serve pork.
Stuffed Pork Chop
You can stuff the pork chops individually as your entree for the day or you can buy them at the butcher counter in your supermarket.  For economy you can buy a large package of chops and put two together in the oven with stuffing in between.  Hold them together with skewers.

Baked Pork Chops
Another way to serve pork chops is to bake them in the oven to be served with mashed potatoes and a vegetable.

Breaded Pork Chops
Some prefer to bread their pork chop before baking it in the oven.

Pork Roast in Crock Pot
My newest way to make pork is to cook it in the slow cooker.  I buy a shoulder roast and put it in the crock pot with a mixture of onions, mushrooms, a package of mushroom and onion gravy mixed in enough water to just let the top of the roast peak out at the top.  I let this cook for several hours before serving with a side of applesauce and stuffing.

Pulled Pork with Slaw on a Bun

You can also take the meat done in the crock pot and when it's done you can pull it for pulled pork sandwiches that are served on buns with cole slaw on the sandwich.

Again, pork is my favorite meat and I love it served in any way.  So as Nunny used to say, "try it -- you'll like it."

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