Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Memories of Hilton Grand Vacation in Orlando

I'm reflecting on this vacation because it is by far my favorite vacation site and the last one that I took my oldest son.  This is the only timeshare location that he likes to visit.  So here is my story.

Three years ago, We arrived in sunny Downtown Orlando an hour later than expected at the Orlando Amtrak Station.  Getting off the train was fun since we needed a lift for my son's wheelchair and the lift was just on a level to be concerned about wheeling out right into the blades of a ceiling fan.

My other son's family was renting a car and we waited for our ride so that they could follow us to our resort which is on Grand Vacations Way right next door to Sea World.

We were still an hour early for the 4 PM check in so we checked our baggage and went about our business for the hour.  We were expecting to use two three bedroom suites with one being the penthouse.  The second suite was ready early and I sent two younger son's families off to those rooms to settle in.

That left my party waiting for the Penthouse to be ready for use.  As it turns out, the people who were in our rooms left late and we didn't get into our suite until well after 4 PM.  This is unusual and the LP on duty tried to move things along for us since we had been traveling 48 hours to get there and were dog tired.

Bill with a big sandwich

Family lunch
We all landed in the Coral Reef Cafe for a late lunch an relaxation while we waited for our rooms to be ready.

Living room across the dining table
The wait was well worth it though because the Penthouse was every bit as beautiful as I remembered it and I settled in for a much needed night's sleep and the end of Day 2 of our vacation.

Poolside Cafe
Day 3 started with the wheelchair rolling down the path from Building 1 to the poolside area where the Coral Reef Cafe is located on the pool deck.  My son was disappointed because his mouth was watering for their breakfast buffet.  Oops!  They terminated the buffet two years ago so it was order off the menu, but he survived and had a hearty breakfast in his favorite spot.  I followed along about a half hour later and had my breakfast just as he was leaving and my second son joined me for a chit chat.

Waterfall and Pool side view from my table 
I had planned a vacation week of sitting by the pool and lazing in the hot tubs and I spent all day Sunday doing just that.  This is by far my favorite destination for lazing by the pool and spending my timeshare points.

This has got to be one of my favorite vacations because it was spent with family and we all had a good time together even though my younger children were off doing the theme parks.  We spent our evenings together around the table in the Penthouse Suite.

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