Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hot Crossed Buns for Lent

ONE A PENNY, TWO A PENNY, HOT CROSSED BUNS.  We used to say that rhyme when we were children.  The only time of the year that you would be able to buy hot crossed buns was during Lent which starts next week on Wednesday.

The old A&P Supermarket always carried them during Lent and my Mom dearly loved them.  They would be packaged in a tin of six buns.  I could never see what was so special about them other than the sweet icing done piped into a cross on top of them.  I was never one for fruit such as currants and raisins inside my pastry.  I don't know why because I do like to eat raisins by the handful.

Most bakery shops carry them during Lent and I'm sure that their sweet dough is the same as what you can get in the modern day supermarket in their bakery departments.  I saw an ad for them in an email I received from Giant Eagle and that's what reminded me of this annual pastry.  Oakmont Bakery carries them during the season also.

For those of you who still prefer to make your own, Shop N Save offers an easy recipe online for making these.

In looking up the story behind this tiny bun which is almost the size of a biscuit, I find that it is traditionally eaten by people of British descent on Good Friday.  Here in the states you can get them all during Lent and only during Lent.

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