Wednesday, February 14, 2018

To My Valentine

For so many years I took for granted the wonderful things that my valentine did for me.  Not that I wasn't just as attentive to him and didn't do things just for him that I knew he would like.  But, he was a true romantic and did things just because instead of when it was expected for those days like Valentine's Days.

After he retired, he started a part time job driving for a florist.  Not one holiday passed that I didn't get something special.  At Christmas, it was the latest Thomas Kincaid arrangement with such things as a glass Madonna or small nativity embedded among the flowers.

It didn't need to be a special day.  There were those ordinary days when nothing was going on and there was no birthday or anniversary.  He would come home and behind his back he would be carrying long stem roses, my favorite flower because I am devoted to St. Therese, the little flower.  Sometimes they were red for true love, sometimes they were yellow, but mostly they were a mixture of pinks, whites and reds that were perfect for any occasion.

He was a gem and one that I dearly loved for many reasons.  When we would go out for the evening to the Club, he would sit and listen to the music and sing the romantic songs to me with his gravely voice.  It didn't matter that he was off pitch because his eyes told the story that I was his true love.

I no longer have those wonderful events that he made out of ordinary days to look forward to.  What I have are my memories of the most wonderfully romantic man in the universe, my Bear.  He was the Bear part of bearnmom, which was the original logon we shared when we started enjoying the wild and wonderful world of the internet.  That is because we shared our happiness, our sadness, our everything with each other.  Happy Valentine's Day, Bear.  You still hold the best part of what is my romantic heart.

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