Thursday, January 11, 2018

Coke or Pepsi?

When I was growing up, our household got a delivery of a case of little green bottles of coca cola about once a month from the local beer distributor.  My brother and I were not permitted to drink it except on special occasions such as holidays.  I now know that my grandfather purchased it for my mother's favorite drink, rum and coke.
little green coca cola bottles
My mother wasn't a boozer but as my father put it, she was a cheap date drinking draft beer until they got married.  I'm sure if you did the math a case of coke would not last an entire month.  As I said my father, would allow us children a drink of ginger ale or root beer but we were not as fortunate as our friends next door who were fed coca cola and pretzels when they had the trots or some other such ailment.
Mr. Fehrman at the soda fountain
When we were old enough to walk down street to the commercial district to Fehrmann's Pharmacy that had a soda fountain and he served coca cola products.  It was there that I learned to mix coca cola with a squirt of cherry or vanilla flavoring from the fountain to get a different taste.  My friend liked chocolate in hers but I never did like that one.  We spent many happy hours at that soda fountain in our teenage years.

When I married my husband was a Pepsi drinker.  He relished his Pepsi over Coke but would switch if it weren't available.  I on the other hand have been known to drink ice water at any restaurant that only offered Pepsi products.

As a member of the house committee for our local club, we had Coke products on the gun system, but we did purchase cans of Pepsi for those members who preferred the other.  I have been to clubs that only use one or the other and I find that does not serve your membership well because there are strong preferences between cola drinkers.

Whatever your preference, I'm sure you have stories to tell from your childhood about the different brands of soda that were and are still available.  In the root beer line there were Hires and Dad's.  In our house we preferred Dad's.  There is no ginger ale that can compare with Canada Dry and is the one that we were fed as children for feverish ailments.

In any case, which is your preference in the cola line?  Coke or Pepsi!

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