Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween at Paddy Cake Bakery, Bloomfield, Pittsburgh, PA

When you are out and about looking for those Halloween Treats, there's a local bakery in the Bloomfield neighborhood that fills the bill and is sure to have just what you want.  I feature them each year for Halloween because they do such a fantastic job in decorating for this holiday.

This bakery has never changed their icing recipe that was brought over from the old country and is simply the best butter cream icing that I've ever tasted.  Light and Fluffy without that gritty sugar taste.

Halloween is a fun time at the bakery and their decorators go crazy with the theme.  The ghost cakes have petit four icing on them.

and the wonderful petit fours are decorated with Fall Mums.

On the spookier side they offer the ever popular coffin cake. 

OR, you can get a half cake mounted into a backdrop with a design to be a haunted house. 

If you want to get macabre, you can buy a brain cake.

 Halloween is a time to tickle the youngster's taste buds and Paddy cake does that with their candy apples during the Halloween season.

Halloween wouldn't be complete without cookies and Paddy Cake has sugar cookies that are pumpkin cut outs.

or pumpkin gob  cookies.

Whatever your Halloween pleasure, you wont be disappointed if you visit Paddy Cake Bakery in the heart of the Bloomfield business section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A couple of more designs by Paddy Cake Bakery.

Happy Halloween Shopping

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