Friday, September 29, 2017

Potato Soup for Lunch, Ouch the Sodium Content

My eating habits are controlled mostly by my craving for certain foods or food groups.  I know this is not considered healthy or good for dieting so I took a recent craving on a grocery shopping trip to pack my lunch.  I believe that a craving is your inner being needing the nutrition in the food you crave.  I know babies will gobble down hunks of margarine and it's their bodies craving the oil content for better bowl movement.

bowl of loaded potato soup

Before I go off on a totally different tangent, let me tell you about my potato soup craving first.

I had seen an advertisement for potato soup as one of the daily specials for a local family restaurant.  I had fully intended to buy a bowl for my lunch and take it to work but my frugal side overtook my shopping trip and I went to the supermarket instead.

Once inside the supermarket I made a beeline to the soup aisle to look for a can of soup with lumps of potato and other goodies in it.  I found what I was looking for and the devil made me turn the can around to read the caloric content.   (I'm not mentioning brand names in this article because I don't want to throw the food industry into a finger pointing situation.  All I will say is that these are all popular brands.)

The soup I found was called Loaded Potato Soup and it had all the goodies in it.  It also published 980 mg of sodium per serving.  The can contained 2 servings.  Wow that's a lot.  My next choice was a can of potato soup with broccoli and cheese.  This was slightly lower and only contained 960 mg of sodium per serving.  Far below these tempting choices on a lower shelf was a selection of Light Potato Soups with various added veggies of sorts.  These boasted 690 mg. of sodium per serving.  A lot less but still too high I thought.

I abandoned my craving for potato soup and chose to go to the freezer section where a popular brand of diet meals were being offered for a sale price around the same price as the can of soup.  Only 1 serving but I thought this would be a healthier choice.  When I turned over the packages of Salisbury steak and macaroni and cheese, I was shocked to find 1190 mg. of sodium listed.  I read the other meals being offered on the sale.  All of the packages were over 1000 mg. of sodium.

Needless to say that can of soup just became more interesting and I went back to pick it up to take to work for my lunch.  I selected a can of Light Potato Soup with Broccoli and Cheese.  Of course, it was too tempting to just eat only half the contents of the can.  I ate the whole thing and enjoyed every bite so I guess my system needed the extra potassium that was in the potato soup.  At least, that's what I told myself after I ate it.

The big lesson was that just because it says diet, it doesn't mean it is low in sodium and other things that you need to watch for your health.  Happy shopping.

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