Monday, September 4, 2017

Frugal Food Shopping

Many of my friends and family spend time cutting coupons and I'm sure they save hundreds of dollars by shopping this way.  Being the person I am means that I like certain brands and certain cuts of meat.  I tend to only buy those whether on sale or not.

My biggest frugality is waiting for meat sales and the "bogo" events.  When my supermarket has what they call their "huge meat sale,"  I get beef roasts using the bogo method and only pay around $10 for 2 roasts.  I  buy a whole pieces of Pork on sale at $1.49 per pound and only pay $10 for 2 nice size roasts.  I have the butcher cut the piece in half.  Sometimes they have two Bob Evans small packages of sausage on sale for $5.  That is about $1 off on each one.

So I may not be the world's most frugal shopper but I do try to save a penny here and there when I can.

I also have a subscription to Sam's Club and I shop there about once every other month.  I like to buy my staples there and I'm saving in the long run.  My family likes tuna fish and I buy 10 cans for $7.50.  I also buy 10 cans of meat ravioli for around $7.  I love stuffing with any of my meals and I get 6 pouches in the box of those. 

I know you can save a bundle by shopping at the dollar stores (Dollar General or Family Dollar) but I buy a select number of things there.  My friend buys her cat litter there because it is a lot cheaper.

There are hundreds of stores you can shop for their specials only but then you have spent all of your savings in gasoline to get there.  So I say, read the ads that come in the mail, plan your shopping and get value for your money.

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