Friday, January 5, 2018

Tom Tucker Southern Style Ginger Ale

Mural on Side of Building
I recently got a craving for an old favorite that I was introduced to as a child by a spinster teacher and her mother.  These two ladies lived across the street from me and were almost seclusive which made them the target of the neighborhood children and their pranks.  My brother and I were both outgoing children and curious for knowledge which we got when we visited this house.  To my knowledge, we were the only children that were permitted to visit there.  On these visits we were treated to a small glass of Tom Tucker Southern Style Ginger Ale which means mint ginger ale.  I have tasted other versions of mint ginger ale but they could not compare to the Tom Tucker brand in which the liquid was clear while the substitute had a green shade.

1937 bottle from Glenshaw, PA
I went to the Giant Eagle store and found that they did not have it on the shelf.  To my distress they didn't have a slot on the shelf for it either.  I didn't see anyone in the beverage aisle so I couldn't ask what had happened to it.  My assumption is that they carry it during the holidays.  Since then our local Giant Eagle has been remodeled into a Market District Store and now carries this delightfully original tasting soda for the community on a daily basis.

Tom Tucker Label
I know I had seen it at one of the stores in the area and looked at Sams Club and Walmart.  Neither store carried Tom Tucker.  When I couldn't find it at the Giant Eagle, I had an inspiration and I went to Community Market where I found three bottles on the shelf.  I bought two of them.  When I went back on the weekend I found an empty shelf.  I asked the store manager and he said that the salesman had been in that day and it would be delivered the next day.  I went back last night and joy! Joy!  There is an entire section for Tom Tucker Southern Style Ginger Ale.  Community Market has since closed the store near me but I can travel to Natrona Heights or Lower Burrell to their other stores.

I was on the Internet last night and found several places where people were asking where they could purchase this seemingly Pittsburgh only treat.  One of the places listed was a distributor in Squirrel Hill.  It is called Save-Mor Beer and Beverage and they reportedly will ship anywhere.  They have a website which I have linked for my brother and sister mint ginger ale devotees.

Stock up for the coming holidays because I know I will be.

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