Sunday, July 9, 2017

Flower Explosion

We have had such a mild winter that the growing season for flowers was upon us faster than we expected.  During a similar winter a few years back, I was disappointed when I found the bulbs from the previous year's lilies unearthed in my little side garden by my entrance stone.  It seems my neighbors were not so nice when they were walking their dogs because they dug them up for me.  I took them out and dried in my basement to replant them in the Fall.  The bulbs took nicely and I now have a profusion of Asian Lilies in front of my newly painted Madonna.

I did some pregardening and dug up the dandelions in front of my pedestal.  After I re aligned the pedestal, I moved my Madonna statue back onto her pedestal and planted two new Asian Lily plants that had a lot of buds on them.  Now I see the dogs missed one of my white lilies because the stem is popping out of the ground and the ones on the other side of the entrance stone are coming up.

I wanted to add some new plants this summer but had not made up my mind what to plant.  I love lilies of the valley but they only bloom once each year and then you have greens the rest of the year.  I may do those and then I wont have so many weeds showing in the garden.  My neighbor gave me some from her garden but when my other neighbor was weeding for me last year he pulled them out.  This year yet another neighbor gave me some from her garden when she was thinning them out.  Hopefully, these will take hold and I wont have to do anything there in years to come.

I'm not a good gardener.   My grandfather had a green thumb and could grow anything.  Each year he went to the greenhouse to pick out something new for his garden.  I just want to get something growing that will come up year after year and look nice.

This year I bought some annuals that were left at the garden center too long and I planted them between the Asian Lilies and the front of the garden.  I got some delphiniums and lantas.

If you have any suggestions on what to put in such a small planting area, please comment so I can consider your suggestions.

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