Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lenten Alternates to Fish

I'm someone who doesn't really like fish unless it's tuna salad on a bun with lettuce and tomato or a deep fried either beer batter or breaded piece of fish on a bun with ketchup.

Tuna Salad on White Toast

Otherwise, I just don't like ordinary fish.  When I was younger my mom made salmon coquettes but I find salmon to have a very strong taste and I'm not fond of it.

Lump Crab Meat
I do like shellfish and I'm partial to shrimp, crab cakes (either style, Maryland or spiced).  I like cocktail sauce on both of these.  I've eaten lobster but it's out of my price range and I don't use the drawn butter because the first time I dipped and ate butter lobster the butter was rancid and I got sick.  So I tend to just eat the lobster meat without any sauces.

Macaroni and cheese is an option and it's not that hard to make a homemade macaroni and cheese casserole that doesn't contain all the sodium that you get in the frozen trays.  My mom made hers with cheddar cheese that she cubed and mixed with the precooked macaroni.  She poured milk over the casserole and cooked it in the oven until the cheese melted and the milk soaked into the macaroni.

Broccoli  added to Macaroni and Cheese

If you are adventurous you can add a vegetable to your macaroni and cheese for the full meal flavor.  I prefer to use broccoli in my macaroni and cheese.  If you like broccoli with cheese sauce, you are sure to like this version of mac and cheese.

You can make various versions of pasta without using meat in them.  The sauces that you use can also be varied.  In the next few days we will continue to talk about Lent and Lenten Dishes.

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