Thursday, February 22, 2018

Persian's Transformation

Fat Cat with a very large belly
 Persian came to us in her adult years and we lovingly called her Fat Cat.  She was a beautiful California Spangled with such soft fur.  The only problem with her was that she was so fat that she couldn't keep herself clean.  As a result she would cough up hairballs and had problems digesting her food.

When Persian first arrived at our house she hid on the third floor and it took weeks of coaxing by my son to get her down to the second level.  She finally made it to the first floor but ran for the under side of the beds if someone rang the doorbell.

She loved to play with strings but being so fat she played for a few minutes and then would take a nap.  Since she was so fat and so lazy I thought I would try the much advertised Cat's Meow Toy to get her moving more.

She took to the toy immediately and over the next few months started to lose some of her weight.  The moral of this story is that there is a means for every end.  
Persian on the deck in her harness

This cat has been with us now for almost five years.  When she does her sphinx pose, she looks almost as heavy as she was when she came, but when she is walking around you can see that she has trimmed down.  

She plays more and even though she has always loved to follow and grab at strings.  Now when she plays she leaps in the air after the string that my son tied to an old blind rod and followed it for a longer period of time.

When I sat on the deck she became very vocal inside the storm door and sometimes stood on her back paws to let me know she was there and would like to come out.  I started taking her out on the deck on a harness because I tried letting her out without it and she got through the railings and went under the deck.  I'm sure she couldn't have done that when she first came.  That harness didn't fit her until she trimmed down and is no longer FAT CAT.

In June last year, our beautiful Persian quit eating and we had to take her to the Vet.  Since she was already 16 years old I felt it was best to let her go peacefully.  The vet said she had a liver disorder and she agreed with us.  We will miss our transformed, friendly and needy to the point of greedy girl.  Rest in peace Persian.

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