Saturday, January 27, 2018

Funnel Cake and Doughnut Sundaes

Let's talk about some treats that are normally saved for summer fun at the carnivals or one that comes back to me from my childhood.

I'm taking a walk down memory lane.  I remember Sweet William, a restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh, that served a hot fudge sundae but not just any sundae.  You could get other syrup flavors but in my world there is only Hot Fudge.  This sundae started with a cake doughnut on the bottom.

Cake Doughnut Sundae

On top of the cake doughnut was a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a sauce poured over it.  My favorite sauce is Hot Fudge.  It was topped with whipped cream and a cherry on top.  If you wanted you could get peanuts sprinkled over the sundae.  These were always served on a dessert plate and not in a bowl.

Sweet William was located on the corner of what is now Heinz Hall but is no longer in business.  Swee William and that sundae lives on in my memory bank of favorite foods.  It's actually one that you can easily make at home to give your grandchildren a memory to carry into their senior years.  Instead of Sweet William, they will say, "My Grandma, Nana, Nunny or (my favorite) Mema made this for me!"

Next, let's travel to the local carnival where they serve cotton candy, hot dogs and  funnel cakes.  

Funnel Cake

You can smell those cake doughnut variation cooking as soon as you walk up to the stand and who can resist buying a paper plate or paper towel serving of this great tasting treat.

Funnel Cake Frying in Oil

You can try your hand at making funnel cakes in your deep fryer.

Funnel Cake Sundae

After you make your funnel cake, let's get fancy and make it into a funnel cake sundae using either strawberries or cherry pie filling, topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

All I can say is these recipes are making my mouth water and I may need to go find the ingredients to make these for my Sundae (pun intended) dessert.

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