Friday, March 30, 2018

Sunday Farmer's Market in Aspinwall, Pennsylvania

April Sundays are great for going to the Flea Market.  Find that treasure and to support your Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department.  The first flea market for the 2018 season will be on the Sunday following Easter.

From April through the end of October, weather permitting, the best farmer's market can be found in Aspinwall, Pennsylvania at the AVFD Flea Market.  The Sunday after Easter was the start of another season of the best of the best.  Come to Aspinwall to view some of the best vendors on the flea market trail.

The farmer who is featured here has been a vendor at the flea market for many years.   The young people who sell their vegetables come from a family that has a history of selling door to door in Aspinwall with their fresh cut meats and vegetables.  As a child I remember them coming to our street with their produce.

The family run farm stand has added their refrigerated fresh butchered meat van.  The truck is a full travel trailer and features their home grown and butchered meats.

While the flea market itself has many vendors that display their wares, the main attraction each week is the local produce.  Being at a Port Authority bus stop is another feature that allows many people who don't drive to attend this weekly event and buy items that they can carry home on public transportation.

Early Years in a small location

What is especially good is that all of the produce is professed to be locally grown and the young people who run the stand are from a local farm.  This farming family started out in a smaller location in a corner of the lot.  They have since moved to the center of the lot taking up three prime spots selling their produce from the truck and collapsible tents.  They are in the center of attention each week.

Freedom Farms a family run farm
High quality fruits and vegetables.
The flea market doesn't need any more publicity because it is run by the Aspinwall Volunteer Fire Department and has been for many years.  As in any event worthwhile attending, parking is at a premium since the event itself is held in the community's public parking lot and attendees need to find parking on nearby streets.  But the result of your trip is well worth the time it takes to visit the stands of this hard working family.

In Pennsylvania, senior citizens who live on limited means are presented with four gift certificates for fresh vegetables early in the season to be used over the summer months.  Each certificate is worth $5 and must be spend entirely on produce that is locally grown.  Freedom Farms is a local grower and they do accept these certificates in payment of their fruits and vegetables.

I have spent many a Sunday morning picking out just the right zucchini or apples for the recipes that I love to make for my family.  I recommend a trip to the flea market in the coming summer weeks.

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