Saturday, July 13, 2013

Too Much of a Good Thing

I'm not complaining because I could have experienced what a good portion of the country and area has been.  It has rained approximately 75% of the previous three weeks.  While in some areas that has caused flash flooding and all other kinds of hazards such as downed trees and power lines, I for the most part have weathered through almost unscathed.  The only problem I experienced was an outage in my Fios utilities.  A power surge took out the battery back up and I was left with no phones, no television and no internet.  That is small potatoes compared with the damage done to another in our area who came home from the hospital after receiving a new son to find a wall had collapsed and his basement and garage were covered in muck and water.

The old poem goes:  "Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink."  In our case it is our gardens that are taking the hit this year from all the rains.  The ground has drunk up all that it was given and a green is cast over my back yard to the extent that I've been dodging storms mowing it to keep it under control.  Pictured above it is again rag-tag and not presentable or usable for a good cookout or to let the grandchildren play.

Meanwhile, I can't complain because my neighbors puts a lot of work into his vegetable garden and his fig trees.  As you can see they are well ahead of their normal growth and not getting enough sun to produce the fruit that they normally do.  Mother Nature has played a cruel trick on these senior citizens who live and feed themselves from their garden. 
Only this week, has the pumpkin vine produced any flowers at all.  Those my neighbor collects and makes into a sweet patty that she dearly loves to eat.
The fig tree is full of fruit but they may not ripen if they don't get the right mix of sun and rain.  So far they have gotten the rain but not much sun.
The tomatoes are full of greens but very sparse on the flowers that need to be pollinated to produce the fruit. 
The flower beds are full of beautiful flowers that would normally attract the bees to pollinate the tomatoes and other vegetable flowers that turn into their abundance.

In conclusion, I fervently pray to our supreme God that he be a little gentler with his rains and provide the farmers and gardeners an even amount of rain and sunshine to make the gardens grow.

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