Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mother Nature's Revenge

Once more Mother Nature is going to deal the Pittsburgh area along with other eastern states a hearty laugh as she sends snow into our valley after continued good weather and our preview of the beauty that God has in abundance.

I recently showed you pictures of the gorgeous dogwood trees and azaleas in our neighborhood in abundance.  I have a picture of the flowering lily of the valley that are all going to be under a layer of wet snow as early as tonight.  Actually, lily of the valley normally flower in early June so this was a real push on that growth.

The main concern I have is that this latest backlash from Mother Nature is not coming in from the Southwest and is heading into our area from South to North and Westerly.  This equates to Northeastern, which when this type storm is rain, it is a storm of some magnitude and one to be ready for rather than just let it happen.

In 1963, I experienced my first Northeastern when I was supposedly vacationing at Virginia Beach in September.  We were traveling South and enjoying the shops and sights at Williamsburg when the rains started.  By the time, we got back into our car we were wet through and traveled the last leg of our trip to Virginia Beach in teaming rain.  Dry once again, it only took getting out of the car and into the motel office to get drenched once more.  We arrived on Sunday and were planning to stay until Saturday, but there was not a break in the weather the whole first part of the week.  The rains just kept coming.  Needless to say, our vacation was ruined and we left for home days in advance.

If this is what we have to look forward to in relation to snow, I'm sure we are in for a rude awakening after such wonderfully warm temperatures.  The weather forecasters are warning of the wet snow pulling down power lines and tree limbs.  I did notice a chill yesterday while it was raining but it never occurred to me that we were in for another interruption and backlash in our wonderful Spring.

So!  Batten down the hatches and get those coats back out of storage because you are going to need them once more.

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