Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Planters In The Works

A few years ago, I had my box planters and hanging planters well on the way by this time.  Then I scrapped everything from previous years and started over.  I  moved my box planters from the front porch to the railing on the side deck for a different look.  I did this mostly because my front porch railings need to be scraped and painted.  To date that has not happened.  My original intention was to hang some hanging planters on the front porch that gets very little sun.

All of my plans have gone awry again this year since we have had very little sun and mostly cold up until this week.  I  again moved my box planters and the one is sitting over a wild flower that just wont die and detracts from the rest of my entrance garden.  I would like to go back to the red, white and blue theme this year.

I've been thinking about going back to ivy geraniums for the hanging planters since those seem to do so well in the past and the fuschias that I planted last year died over the winter even though I wintered them with care in my basement.

My biggest problem this year is getting time to work on the plants.  Besides that the box planters now catch bird seed so that my rock garden doesn't get overrun with weeds.  I think I'm going to start all over again and decide on a different look for the porch.

Next week I'm going to be selecting my plants and we will get a view of what happens to the planters next week.  I'm determined to have them all done by Memorial Day in honor of my son.  I can't plant at his grave at The National Cemetery of the Alleghenies but I can put out a nice garden at the home he once owned when I put Old Glory out for the season of Memorial Day in May to Veterans Day in November.