Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother Day

I know everyone has a special feeling and thinks that their children or grandchildren are the most precious children in the world.  My perspective on the subject is no different.  I have three generations of grandchildren.  That is to say, some are grown ups ranging in age from 19 through 23.  I have one teenager and an eleven year old.  Then there are the four that range in age from two through nine.  Two of these are overseas with their daddy who is serving in the Navy and I only interact with them through Facebook.  They are smart and precocious to say the least and their pictures make me happy.  The youngest two came to visit me last night for Mother's Day bringing me the most precious gift any mother or in my case Mema could ask for.

They made this card.  It is filled with real rose petals that are encased in a vinyl coating.  DJ was so proud of it that he read it to me himself.

Rose are red,
Violets are Blue,
We picked these
rose petals just for you.

I'm the happiest grandma in all the world and I thank God for my blessings.